Intelligent Alarm Handling

Site Info is a Head Office application that centrally handles wet stock and equipment alarms from sites with a PSS 5000 controller.

In the Site Info update (Q2/2011), major changes to the alarm management and distribution functions were included. The old passive visualization was replaced with an observation list, which contains critical alarms that is compiled using advanced business rules.

This ensures that the alarms with the greatest effect on the down-time of a site are prioritized. A three step qualification process has been implemented:

  1. PSS fixed alarms - alarms that are fixed locally will be auto-archived
  2. Suppressed Alarms - specific alarms are equipped with a time period, which means that if the alarm is corrected within the time period it will be auto-archived
  3. Observation list - selected alarms, which are critical to the operation, are shown separately so that they do not "drown".

Site Info Observation list with a Comment pop-up

Note that there are new ways of grouping recipients and alarms – making alarm management even more intuitive and user-friendly.

For more information about Site Info, click here.