Backbone Infrastructure

Large Eastern European Oil Retailer Selects Doms

Many oil companies today are challenged with a constant need to change how they operate their sites. This includes improved service efficiency via remote monitoring of equipment, improvements in fuel logistics, new business requirements in how they operate various payment systems, and finally the constant need for inventing new ways (such as multimedia) to attract new customers. For leading IT managers, facing this challenge can be daunting when their site infrastructure provides limited data, control, and integration options for their sophisticated IT operations. Often, upgrading site equipment is an expensive and unfeasible option. Therefore, creating a reliable, flexible, and feature-rich integration forecourt backbone to bridge devices with the advanced needs of fuel IT becomes critical.

DOMS offers such a forecourt backbone to cost effectively replace the legacy infrastructure, which is often based on a system that is not designed for exchanges with other systems and has limited scalability.

PSS 5000 and Site Info providing freedom in communication to select protocols

A simplified situation illustrating how the PSS 5000 and Site Info provide freedom in communication and the freedom to mix protocols.

With the latest functionality additions in Site Info, Doms provides a complete package. Consisting of the Doms PSS 5000 forecourt controller and Site Info Head Office middleware and applications, the package not only supports all the filling stations types and layouts, it also serves as a backbone on which all the residual systems and equipment can reside and communicate freely.

The IT world calls it MESH, we call it freedom and flexibility for systems and equipment to communicate and transfer data, resulting in a faster and more cost effective implementation of new and updated business logic.

The key to such a system philosophy is the synergy between the PSS 5000 forecourt controller, which enables communication between all types and makes of forecourt equipment, and Site Info.

Site Info, which is normally installed on a server at the oil company’s head office, is a completely open system that offers some functionality by itself, but it also allows all the other components in the system to connect and communicate too.

Availability Monitoring Dashboard

An example of an availability monitoring dashboard in Site Info - enabling the
oil / service company to see (in real-time) the uptime of the payment systems on the forecourts.

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