Site Info: Improve your business with accurate data.

Site Info collects all the information generated by the petrol station equipment in a database. The data can then be viewed real time on screen display, statistics or reports.

Information flow from sites to Site Info database

Benefits of the system include:

  • Site Info supplies data to 3rd party applications such as accounting and distribution systems.
  • Site Info can be web-based, so there is no installation and maintenance time or cost.
  • The collection of data is automatic, reducing the cost of manual data handling to a minimal.
  • “Last minute data” enables more accurate fuel deliveries, lowering long-term distribution cost.

Site Info features:

  • Central alarm monitoring
  • Environmental control and compliance
  • Reports for equipment troubleshooting
  • Wet Stock data collection and Inventory control*
  • Tools for distribution planning and interface with delivery systems*

* System option

Alarm Monitoring for efficient service and higher uptime


  • Real time alarm monitoring enables faster service response.
  • Combine with Inventory control for environmental control and compliance.
  • Provides detailed analysis of past data for improved diagnostics and documentation of equipment and sites’ performance.
  • Performance monitoring enables fast detection and rectification of anomalies ensuring customer satisfaction.

Scheduled Price Changes:

This module makes it possible for remote users to set prices on selected sites. The changes can be scheduled to take place at the most appropriate time.