Theft Protection

Reduce the risk of fuel theft by controlling the power to the dispensers

After experiencing thieves opening dispensers, which were not authorized, and starting the pumps, Doms's customers wanted an easy-to-implement, cost-effective solution.

Although dispenser manufacturers offer solutions to this problem, they normally involve special, often costly, rebuilds of the dispensers. Experience shows that work subsequently carried out by Service Technicians can, and often does, result in the technicians forgetting to re-activate the built-in protection – leaving the dispenser unprotected once again.

System description for theft protection by disabling dispenser motor

Doms offers its customers a centralized solution. By installing 2 small hardware components in the Mains power distribution panel (a secure location), the PSS 5000 is able to control the power supply to the dispensers. While not in use, the dispensers appear normal, illuminated displays etc, but 2 phases of the power supply to the suction pumps are isolated. Only after a transaction has been authorized by a POS, or OPT, is the power supply restored to the suction pump – preventing thieves from activating the pumps and stealing the fuel. This is a solution that:

  • Works independently of the installed POS system
  • Works independently of the installed OPTs
  • Works independently of the brand of the installed dispensers
  • Cannot be bypassed in the dispenser
  • Can be used on both manned and unmanned sites
  • Can be easily installed by the oil companies´ existing service partners

For more information, click here to see the Feature Description, Fuel Theft Protection (for suction dispensers).