Monitoring Improves Efficiency

Dispenser performance monitoring embedded in PSS 5000 and a Host application

With no additional forecourt investment, oil companies can reduce maintenance costs and increase throughput on the forecourt by implementing performance monitoring in the PSS 5000.

Many sites have experienced customers avoiding certain dispensers, which can result in reduced sales. The reasons for this reduction can be:

  • decreased flow rates
  • prolonged delays between nozzle activation and the flow starting
  • bad illumination at night
  • sabotage – an "out of order" sign placed on a payment terminal at an unattended
  • site dispenser system performance not satisfying customers’ expectations at peak periods

The PSS 5000 can provide different types of measurements for each site. By using the measurement data from the PSS instead of the pumps, a generic solution for all the pump types is available and the PSS is able to pre-process the data – making it possible to limit the quantity of data being transmitted and stored centrally. A head office system application is able to capture this data, process it and create reports.

Chart of Performance monitoring for fuel dispensers

By monitoring sales and comparing them with normal sales data, a simple trend analysis can highlight the situation, which can then be investigated, rectified and customer satisfaction restored.

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