Boost Car Wash Sales

Integrated Car Wash Control – so successful that Statoil (Circle K) is implementing it across most of their network

By using the PSS 5000 as the integration point, Statoil avoids standalone systems. In this way, Statoil is able to offer promotions on systems that are already set up for fuel and convenience sales. It allows features such as offering customers to purchase a wash at the dispenser and tell them the status (vacant or busy) of the wash machine, which is not visible from the dispenser.

In addition to the main driver of gaining more sales, the integration also hosts several other advantages:

  • Full business (control) reconciliation on existing systems.
  • As a car wash appears like any other forecourt device via the controller, it is easy to connect to the rest of the Head Office System; for example, for service monitoring.
  • No need for a stand-alone RAN coder; able to use POS/OPT/dispensers to issue codes.

Recently, we have added the IFSF car wash, which provides additional benefits; mainly reducing the installation costs significantly. But it also allows advanced services and replenishment features for consumables, such as when the soap runs low.

PSS 5000 as integration point to allow reuse of payment and service systems

Statoil uses the PSS as the integration point to allow reuse of payment and service systems already in use

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