PSS 5000 Forecourt Controller: Base Systems

Use the information below to decide which system best suits your site(s).

PSS 5000 Standard PSS 5000 Compact
High Performance & Flexible
Entry Level & Low Cost

This base system has the powerful CPU board, which provides a fast, stable platform that can statisfy the demands of large, multi-device forecourts.

The size of the standard cabinet provides enough space to house enough hardware interface modules to communicate with a large number of forecourt devices.

For small, static forecourts with only a few devices and no plans for expansion.

This version provides the same basic functionality as the other options and a enough space for a reduced number of hardware interface modules.

Note: select the power supply that matches the Mains available on site.

For more information, see the PSS 5000 Base System Options brochure here.

Single Board Computer in PSS 5000

SBC455 single board computer

The Doms Single Board Computer kits, for example SBC455, extend the functionality of the PSS 5000. They enable 3rd party application software, such as a local card server, to be installed inside the PSS. This provides dedicated resources and better security against access from unauthorized users than an external PC.

For more information, see the Single Board Computer - SBC455 brochure here.

KIT450 - Retrofit Lock System for Compact

The Retrofit Lock System enables you to install your own locaking mechanism to the PSS 5000 Compact. This can be fitted to operational units without affecting you current product warranty.

For more information, see the KIT450 - Retrofit Lock System brochure here.

Selecting the correct components for PSS 5000 system

PSS 5000 Hardware Configuration Guide

The PSS 5000 Hardware Configuration Guide is a reference document that enables you to select the correct components for the individual PSS 5000 systems.

For more information, see the PSS 5000 Hardware Configuration Guide here.