CPB539 Processor Board

With the launch of the new processor board (CPB539), it is the sixth generation of our reliable forecourt controller processors and enables the PSS 5000 to comply with the future requirements for cloud connectivity and enhanced security.

The new hardware, which is also available as a quick and easy, onsite upgrade kit (KIT453), is completely backward compatible; so you can continue to reuse your existing system components with minimum downtime. (The upgrade takes less than 30 minutes).

For more information about the process of upgrading, view our video:
Upgrade KIT453 - CPB50x to CPB539

Yes. The CPB539 is fully backward compatible. You can continue to use the existing cabinet, HIMs and Power Supply Unit (PSU).

No. You need to upgrade to the high-speed DSB522 LON module.

No. The CPB539 requires you to install a new PSS application. This will provide all the features of your current application, plus more.

Yes. The software architecture uses the same modular approach (Legal Authority Module) currently in use.

Downtime is minimal. Much of the work can be achieved while the site is operational. Depending on the size of the site, the actual downtime for the upgrade and validation is approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

No. The CPB539 supports all the functionality available with your current PSS 5000 system. The site configuration can be achieved using either the POS interface or the PSS Configurator tool.

No. The CPB539 slots in the existing system seamlessly, but offers a plethora of additional functionality.